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2014 notes

Food and drink vendors need to bring signage. 
Check electrical needs 
Move artists booths to grassy area by tennis courts. 
Promote dollars program more widely

connect with bands on the type of crowd and no profanity, etc.
plan for more costs with food and drink with bigger acts
workout a better load in and load out for bands
Artists packets, and bottles of water around to artists - good. 

Ceramics wheel demonstration/participation went well.  Could possibly charge people next year!

Scheduled activities (and some demos) were fairly unsuccessful.  They seem to work better as all-day/relaxed options OR they would need to be bigger/more-exciting and held to an equal importance (and promoted as much) as the music/dance performances.

A community involved installation would work better if centrally located.  The colorful/cardboard dance workshop artworks were a really fun addition to the feel of the festival.  We could focus and emphasize some sort of a big/memorable collaborative artwork that could function as promote-able imagery at next year's event.  "This is what RIVERFEST (or insert new festival title) looks like!"


2013 notes

Changes that worked well this year
  • No entry table drinks - planned on selling at kids activity table - was short staffed. Recommend doign in teh future with drinks not available from other vendors. lemonade, tea, etc. 
  • entry table #1 traffic 
  • Morning break was good for selling for art vendors - no dance or music performance
  • Having a central location for LAC booth and activities good
  • Art demos in mutiple locations was good
  • Breakfast pastries/options went over well- good to offer
  • modeling clay/ spray painting sheets were great art activities
  • Parks and Rec- having someone there throughout the day was very helpful 
  • Complentary water and cookie good for artists and volunteers
  • 3 band enough for afternoon
Changes for next year
  • Morning check in station for artists with map and packet so volunteer does not need to walk around to hand out and be a location for questions and information
  • Ronalee- (whomever is handling entry table money) needs name tag for recognition while taking $$$
  • donation bucket by pottery wheel, face painting and other demos
  • Artist vendors there all day - no early take down
  • 10am-8pm event time for next year 
  • Sound guy not in middle of the crowd move to side or back farther 
  • food/drink vendors come after artists to set up? Drink vendors have later set up time
  • max 16 artists booth farside 
  • secure money collecting - better communication with volunteer to secure $ bag
  • unattended $$ bags- volunteers 
  • MC for whole day? someone to talk with artists vendors between music as well
  • Would there be a way to get a speaker in back of park for announcements
  • proceeds to support LAC on EVERYTHING and prior to event
  • LAC logo on name tags
  • dog bags near shelter
Reminders 2014
Get band EARLY
carpet for band
Logos for all sponsors and grantors - WAC Chamber

2012 Notes
  • Put RiverFest info on local cable channel - call city - bring flyer to city council office
  • Invite all special groups in town to RiverFest for access
  • Stage ideas
  • Start asking for sponsorship the first part of the year
  • Not juried higher booth fees
  • $20 for shared booths - artists must be present
  • Group rate?
  • Labyrinth productions - sound
  • If doing flyers on cars - have there be an incentive free something
  • Diversify food vendors
  • Art making contest/booth
  • Put the booth numbers at the artists booth if displayed on other signage
  • Raffle - speaker needs to be louder than when the band
  • Riverfest schedule should have logo - Band schedule should be near the band
  • 10:00 summer arts camp a little earlier no demonstrations at that time
  • skate park = awesome (noise not an issue)
  • Screenprinting own booth Print for Riverfest and sell them but have own designs for demonstrations
  • Demonstration booths not by entry table or have demonstrations all day so there is something all day for people to see as they enter.
  • Flyer attached to your wrist (skate park idea from last year to get people to check them out when they went home)
  • Flow of music for warm up to more dance band
  • Separate entrance for band and parking - cones - put up a sign that says band entrance
  • Good to have a separate tent for the band and some drinks and snacks
  • Emphasis the 7pm pack up time to ALL vendors
  • Scavenger hunt went well - more younger age hunts printed 30 of each
  • A break for the scavenger "huntsmen" if they are there a good part of the day
  • Dogs? A sign at the entry table?
  • No smoking inside the fence
  • Central location for kids activities and cookies/drinks
  • Kids based things near where parents are positioned
  • Kevin at Parks and Recreation offered to help us put in the stakes next year 35-45 stakes
  • Placement of sponsor logos
  • Volunteers start half and hour to 45 min before first performance
  • Train the volunteers to read through information and share
  • First volunteer is responsible to go through the information to give to the next volunteer group
  • Entry tables are in charge of donation fee, information sharing, tally of EVERYONE who comes through
  • Stage placement was good
  • Sound needs to move trailer if same set up as last year
  • Map have larger scope of parking and side walks for better orientation
  • Sponsors at $1,500 can opt to getting a booth at RiverFest, free ticket entry into RiverFest

  • Artists Feedback
  • Horseshoe covers?
  • Ask for suggestions on the booth arrangement since there were low marks on the feedback
  • Smaller name tags
  • Booth sitters
  • Art is the focus - some said people came more for the music
  • Encourage creative ways for selling work
  • Ways the Art Center can encourage interaction with artists - scavenger hunt went well to this         


Supported in part by a grant from the Wyoming Arts Council 



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